NUS calls for Landlord inquiry following recent report

An inquiry has been called by The NUS to look into the way a landlord can let to students. A report by The National Union Of Students has been recently published, finding many landlords who let to students adopt unfair practices,  often breaking the law.

The most common problems reported by students were:

  • Condensation (44%)
  • Draughts (42%)
  • Mould (40%)
  • Infestations (20%)
  • Electrical safety hazards (16%)

An inquiry has been called by The NUS to look into the way landlords let to students.

“‘I fully support the NUS’ call for an inquiry into the way that landlords treat their student tenants. The health and safety of tenants should be paramount and the findings of the report are extremely concerning and should be addressed.

At the same time, students have a responsibility to respect the properties they live in and landlords I have worked with over the years have reported significant damage to their rental properties by students. The behaviour of some students has led to them being seen as a risk as tenants. There needs to be mutual respect between tenant and landlord in order to ensure that students’ rights are respected and that landlords’ properties are treated with respect.”

Alongside calling for an inquiry, the NUS also called for universities to help and advise students to protect them from potentially exploiting landlords after collecting experience from over 2200 students living at university.

If you’re unsure what your responsibilities are, check out the Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018 for some handy tips!

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