Government Issues Unprecedented Whirpool Recall

The Government have today announced an unprecedented recall of the estimated ½ Million unmodified Whirlpool (and associated brands) tumble dryers which are stated to be still at risk from fire. They estimate that around 750 fires have been caused by such appliances in the last 11 years- with the most high profile being the Grenfell Tower Fire, which was caused by a whirlpool fridge/freezer.

Whirlpool issues recall brings problems for LandlordsWhat do I need to do?

Landlords, you need to check any tumble dryers that were manufactured between 2004 and 2015 and if they have not been modified, ensure that they are unplugged, and the tenants are advised not to use.  You should then contact Whirlpool on 0800 151 0905 and they will arrange the modification of the appliance.  It will also be sensible to ensure your check-in/inventory person is aware of this issue, especially for those students’ properties which are being checked in over the coming weeks/months.

What is my overall legal duty for landlord appliances?

A very common question, the basic position is that you need to provide the product safe, so it should be appliance tested on a regular basis to ensure safety. In addition, to ensure the safe use, you should provide copies of the instruction manuals to the tenants and prove receipt, to show due diligence. For example, the main reason for fires starting in tumble dryers is all the lint which accumulates over a period of time.    It may sound common sense to me and you, to regularly clean the tumble dryer and remove all the fluff, but some tenants especially students are not aware of what they should be doing. Also, make sure you register all appliances (including your own at home) on the following website and you will automatically be notified of any safety issues. You can do so here.

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