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As a Letting agent, You know the residential lettings sector is experiencing huge change – and you’re caught in the middle. Landlords selling up, cautiousness in portfolio expansion, the emergence of Build-to-Rent developments and the Tenant Fees Bill are all squeezing revenue and profitability for Lettings Agents.

Enter Let’s Shield – offering you a new service to support your landlords and generate additional revenue.

As the compliance regulation mounts up, someone’s got to actually deliver it – and many landlords don’t have the time, desire or ability to do it themselves. This is your opportunity to offer a ‘Done-For-You’ solution to your landlord clients.

Letting agent carrying out assessment.
Cutting down paperwork for letting agents.

We provide you and your team:

  • Simple summaries of the latest changes to regulation that impact the health and safety of residential rental properties.
  • Step by Step video training so your team members can become competent to carry out the compliance tests, providing an additional service to your landlords.
  • Paperless compliance assessment reports held per property, per portfolio – stored securely and easily shared with the landlord, providing all the evidence required in the event of any dispute, claim or investigation.
  • Protection of your reputation and protection for your landlords from the risk of four-figure fines.

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