Inventory Company

Rental property regulation is expanding, with increasing responsibilities for landlords, letting agents and property managers. As the time and effort to keep compliant mounts up, they’ll be looking for more support and outsourced solutions to help ease the load. This is an exciting growth opportunity for all Inventory Companies – to expand their residential rental compliance services – but are you equipped to do this?

This is where Let’s Shield can help. We can provide you with the training and assessment toolkit needed to offer these new services and enable you to complete these additional assessments as efficiently as possible.

Our Let's Shield app helping an inventory company too!
As an inventory company, you can increase your revenue using Let's Shield.

We provide you and your team

  • Simple summaries of the latest changes to regulation that impact the health and safety of residential rental properties.
  • Step by Step video training so you and your team members can become competent to carry out the compliance tests, providing an additional service and revenue stream.
  • Paperless compliance reports held per property, per client – stored securely and easily shared with the landlord, letting agent or property manager, as required.
  • Protection for your landlords, letting agents and property managers from the risk of four-figure fines.

Inventory Company

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