Industry Updates for Landlords

Landlord Industry Updates

With all the changing regulations and increasing red tape in the residential lettings sector, it can be extremely challenging and time-consuming for landlords. On top of this, it’s most likely negatively affecting your ROI significantly. To help, we’re providing regular industry updates for landlords in an easy to read, straight forward way.

As well as industry updates for landlords, Let’s Shield also provides you with useful links to helpful pages and industry-leading companies and government organisations. We also provide regular online training classes to help you understand your responsibilities as a landlord.

What A Landlord Needs To Be Compliant In A Rental Property And The Consequences For Non-Compliance

As a landlord, you often perform a wide range of tasks from accounting and marketing, to repair and maintenance. To be effective in the property letting industry, you have to be focused, driven and able to maintain that level of focus for long periods of time. This...

HMO breach costs landlord £15,000!

I’m sure that most of you would have seen the recent BBC News article on ‘How I took my landlord to court and won £15,000’. It focuses of 5 Leeds tenants who went viral online following a visit from a local council officer to the HMO in May 2018. The visit revealed...

You’re accountable for your housing health and safety!

Why is housing health and safety so important for landlords?   Your housing health and safety must be one of your top two priorities (the other being financial viability). Therefore, it needs to be given the proper level of attention. Until housing and tenant safety...
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